Gather Releases New Features for Enhanced Flexibility and Security

BOISE, Idaho -- Gather, an innovative case management platform and live streaming solution built specifically for funeral homes, is thrilled to announce the release of their new features for enhanced flexibility and security. From the beginning, the team at Gather has worked hard to build a product that is both flexible and secure and they’ve expanded on that vision with these recent features. 

As part of Gather’s recent feature release, funeral homes can now specify exactly who sees what within Gather. Each person on your team can have certain features, reports, and functionality toggled off instantly. Whether it's your accountant who should only see certain reports or a team member who doesn't need to see contract data, Gather has improved the granularity of what you can control. This enhanced flexibility and security allows you to invite your whole team into Gather while also ensuring your data stays locked down and secure.

Gather Founder and CEO Zach Chatterton comments on the recent feature rollout as one of many in Gather’s bright future “We are just getting started building Gather and our product is only going to get better and better each month. We will continue to show up to work each day excited to invent and build new and better ways to help you help the families you serve. We love funeral directors and we are grateful for the opportunity to help you in the important work you do each day! We have some big features in the works!”

Permissions screen capture
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