Gather Releases New AutoForms Feature

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BOISE, Idaho - November 2019 - Gather, a funeral home software company dedicated to helping funeral directors and families, has announced their brand new AutoForms feature. The newest feature came highly requested by Funeral Directors. Gather reports hearing again and again that one of their biggest pain points was filling out form after form, collecting signatures, and then keeping everything in order, which can also be burdensome for the family, especially if someone lives out of state. Gather’s new AutoForms feature simplifies and automates this process perfectly. 

In addition to complete case management, creation of one-click contracts, and seamless payments, the Gather platform can also now automatically fill out all forms and then with the click of a button, request digital signatures. Everything is legally binding and is tracked and stored effortlessly.

For each case, funeral homes can now select which of their existing forms need to be filled out and/or signed. The Gather platform then automatically fills out those forms for the funeral director and then with a single click, the files can be printed for in-person signature or sent for electronic signature. Families can then sign the forms directly from their mobile phone or computer in seconds and the funeral home is alerted when all forms have been signed. This eliminates unnecessary back and forth, increases accuracy, helps avoid missing information, and allows all needed signatures to be delivered on time.

As part of their world-class onboarding process, the Gather team will do all the work to map all existing funeral home forms into the system, giving funeral homes more time to focus on what matters most. From day one, the Gather platform is configured to match funeral homes’ existing workflow and processes, making the transition to using Gather seamless.

The entire Gather team was super excited to attend NFDA in Chicago last month. It was the perfect time to show off the new AutoForms feature to the crowds, and it didn’t disappoint. There were crowds of people excited to see Gather and the feedback they received was incredible. Gather can’t wait to continue to wow funeral homes with what’s to come next. One excited group at NFDA said, “We have been looking for something like this for 12 years and were convinced until now that it didn’t exist.”

Those who weren’t able to see the Gather platform at NFDA can learn more about the new AutoForms feature and request a free demo by visiting or by calling (208) 298-5155.

About Gather

Gather is an innovative case management platform and live streaming solution built specifically for funeral homes. We love funeral directors and firmly believe that helping families through the loss of a loved one is one of the noblest professions. Our vision is to give funeral directors a seamless solution that helps both the funeral home and the families they serve.

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