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The Benefits of Gather's Cloud-Based Software


Greetings - I’m Paul, the Chief Technology Officer here at Gather. I’ve been building software systems for more than twenty years across a variety of industries from finance to marketing technology, manufacturing, and more.

I’ve never been involved in a project as exciting or as personally fulfilling as Gather. We’re proud of the software development team we’ve assembled here in Boise, Idaho. Our team members come from a variety of diverse backgrounds including industrial automation, data center and physical security, and microprocessor manufacturing - we even have an ex-Disney animator on the team.

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Trends to Watch in 2021: The Future of Funeral Home Software

The world of death care is changing — often in ways funeral directors and death care professionals are struggling to prepare for. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm and has brought unprecedented shifts in daily life, physical and mental health, and business practices. The funeral industry is no exception to this trend, with rolling waves of mass closures and gathering limitations, funeral homes have needed to rethink the way they support their families in this new world. 

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