What Is the Future of Live Streaming?

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, most funeral homes adopted "temporary" technology solutions to pivot their operations and creatively solve for new challenges. For many, this included the ability to offer families a live streaming solution. Now, as we begin to realize a new normal many funeral home owners and funeral directors are left wondering what the future holds for live streaming. 

What is the future of live streaming? 

Although we might not have a crystal ball, a permanent shift in post-pandemic consumer behavior means many funeral homes can now expect live streaming to be a trend that isn't going anywhere. To accommodate this permanent shift many funeral homes are already making investments to match these new digital expectations. 

With Gather, funeral homes are implementing new technology to help them not only improve the experience for their families but grow their business and increase revenue. In fact, Gather Memories, LiveStream & Recording customers that offer live streaming as part of their GPL recover the cost of onboarding after as few as 9 streams* and see a return on investment with as few as 2 streams per month*. 

 *Based on average LiveStream customer with unlimited LiveStreaming and standard onboarding


An Obituary to Remember Forever

Gather Memories, LiveStream & Recording offers families a truly personalized memorial experience while also simplifying the complexities of live streaming to save funeral directors and their teams time. Gather’s compact and portable HD camera system is designed to directly integrate into Gather’s online platform, enabling each live stream to be automatically recorded and hosted on a beautiful custom Remember page that the family is invited to help personalize by sharing photos, service information, memorial or tribute videos, and more.

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For All Those Who Wish They Could Be There

In partnering with Gather, your funeral home can offer loved ones a beautiful live stream and memorial experience feeling confident that it will be something that will increase value for the families you serve while also increasing revenue for your business and differentiating you from the competition. 

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Is live streaming in your future? 

To learn more about how Gather Memories, LiveStream & Recording can increase value for the families you serve while increasing revenue for your funeral home visit www.gather.app or call (208) 271-3832. 



About Gather

Gather is an innovative case management platform and live streaming solution built specifically for funeral homes. We love funeral directors and firmly believe that helping families through the loss of a loved one is one of the noblest professions. Our vision is to give funeral directors a seamless solution that helps both the funeral home and the families they serve.

To learn more about Gather or how we leverage cloud-based applications to create a better experience for our customers visit www.gather.app or call (888) 492-2697.

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